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Us and the ukrainians

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Solidarity is the value that characterizes the collaboration between individuals, which allows us to overcome terrible disasters, such as wars, pandemics, and others.

In the city of Basel (Switzerland), there are people and organizations collaborating in the welcome of Ukrainian refugees; among these I want to mention the actions carried out by The Basel School of Business - BSB [1] who have put their premises, personnel and energy to collaborate with the sending of resources to Ukraine and the reception of Ukrainian refugees.

Suforall, Javier Trespalacios
Photo Suforall - Place where donations are received and Ukrainians can take any object

Yesterday, April 11 I had the great honor of collaborating as a volunteer in these actions, always giving my smile to the Ukrainian children, women and men who came looking for something to eat, some clothes, some information or something else. I could see the value of a smile for a person who has been violently expelled from their country.

Suforall, Javier Trespalacios
Photo Suforall - Happy girl for finding a toy

Everything is needed, the vast majority left their homes from one day to the next with nothing; As I explained to my daughter Eva (4ans), many of these children left their homes leaving their toys, nothing to have fun, and in this place they could have something; I told him how happy they were to have one under their arm. I heard so many stories that I made an effort to learn important words in Ukrainian.

Suforall, Javier Trespalacios
Photo Suforall - Learning the Ukrainian language

What is needed?

Refugees who come to the BSB need food, clean and well-maintained clothing, as well as toys. Bring whatever, creates more work for volunteer. Order of priorities that I highlighted yesterday:

  1. Volunteers: a hand is always important, but of course it is in an organized way.

  2. FOOD: that does not need to be refrigerated.

  3. Personal hygiene utensils: soap for bathing, shampoo, razor blades, deodorant and others.

  4. Material for cleaning babies.

  5. Clothing: in good condition, clean and separated by type, sex and age.

  6. Material to clean clothes.

  7. Office supplies: pencils, pens, notebooks and others.

  8. Bags to transport food or others.

  9. Material for the bed and towels for bathing.

  10. Cosmetics: for women and men.

  11. Toys, cars to transport children.

  12. Means of transport: bicycles, skates and others.

  13. Material to clean your place of residence.

  14. Material to clean the BSB premises: it is not possible to give this school more work.

How is the daily situation with food delivery; In the following mosaic, the first photo was taken at 1:30 p.m. and the second at 2:45 p.m. Constant donations are needed, since what is distributed is enough for them for a day, and it ends quickly.

Photo Suforall - Daily situation in the distribution of food

Donations can be made Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Saturday - Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The address is that of BSB, Centralbahnpl. 12, 4051 Basel. If there is no one, it can be left at the entrance of the school.

Suforall, Javier Trespalacios
Photo Phil*Mart - Donations needed!!!

The great resource that volunteers are, without their contributions, help or smile, it would be very difficult for this to work; to them a GIANT THANK YOU. To participate as a volunteer and feel the value of solidarity, you should go to the FB page: BSB Community Association or on the page:

Some actions they could do:

  • Schools, educational centers, nurseries and others: they could collect donations and take them to the BSB offices, so young people know the value of solidarity.

  • We, the parents: we can take some donation with our children, and show them the value of being supportive before disasters, in this case war.


[1] The Basel School of Business - BSB: is the only business school in the Basel region to offer Bachelor's, MBA and EMBA degrees in English. BSB offers the only globally accredited MBA in the northwestern region of Switzerland; address is Centralbahnpl. 12, 4051 Basel, and website


Javier Trespalacios

Suforall - Sustainibility for all

12 avril 2022, Basel (Switzerland)

Us and the ukrainians

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