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Attacking poverty, a pillar of sustainable cities (el Heraldo)

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

The topic is discussed at the III Congress of Innovation and Sustainable Development. Javier Trespalacios is one of the experts who will speak on the subject today.

javier trespalacios, suforall
Javier Trespalacios - Suforall

For the implementation of the sustainable city model, it is necessary for its residents to learn about sustainable development and the actions that must be taken for better development.

This was assured by the mechanical engineer from the School of Engineers of the Canton of Vaud in Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland, Javier Trespalacios, who will give a lecture on sustainable development at 9:15 a.m. today at the III Congress of Innovation, Competitiveness, and Sustainable Development organized by the Trade and Services Center of Sena Regional Atlántico. The event is taking place at Combarranquilla Country.

Trespalacios, who is a Ph.D. candidate in city energy planning at San Pablo University - CEU in Madrid, Spain, says that the idea is to replicate the model being implemented in some Swiss cities, which involves educating the citizenry about what sustainable development is and what needs to be done with it, with the aim of fostering more innovation.

He also points out that tackling poverty and implementing social projects are two fundamental pillars for achieving a sustainable city, considering it is a strategy that should lead to solving the planet's problems to save it. "What we want is for people to understand what is happening and have ideas to contribute that are related to sustainable development," he explains.

As an example of what a citizen can do regarding sustainable development, Trespalacios explains that one of the measures is to consume products from the city, internal production, and not go to other cities to buy what is needed.

The sustainable development expert also gave a lecture on how cities are planned to reduce energy consumption, introduce renewable energies, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. This lecture took place on Thursday morning at the Combarranquilla headquarters.

"El Heraldo" featured an article titled "Combatting Poverty, a Pillar of Sustainable Cities."

Attacking poverty, a pillar of sustainable cities (el Heraldo)

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